Fay Gauthier




by Fay Gauthier

Released 04/16/2018
Released 04/16/2018
A genre-fluid blend of pop, jazz and blues.
"Shame" is the first of several new songs Fay has recorded since the the release of her album "Firehead" in September 2017. Where "Firehead" followed the theme of her journey of embracing what makes her different, "Shame" is a reflection on our shared human experience and its inherent conflicts. On the motivation for the song's lyrics, Fay has said, “I’m an optimistic person by nature, but it’s hard to not be affected by how divided and uncivilized it seems that we’ve become. “Shame” gave me a powerful outlet to express this through song.” The single is Fay's first song-writing collaboration with Producer Teddy Jacobs.